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Butterfly valves for

high temperature
series GD(H) – LDK

Butterfly valves of series GD(H) and LDK are suitable for industrial plants to regulate hot air and exhaust combustion gas, not containing cast iron corrosive substances.

Typical application for these valves are foundries, industrial furnaces, drying plants, gas turbines, heat treatment and other thermal treatment.

GD is available with free shaft or motorized with electric or pneumatic actuator, GDH valves are available with ratchet handle lockable in 16 positions.

LDK-1 and LDK-4 is a compact and light weight version of butterfly valve for high temperature, particularly suitable for ventilating systems according to DIN 24154 T2R2.

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Butterfly valve of high

temperature series VF/MM

Butterfly valves of series VF/MM are suitable for application
in industrial plants for the regulation of hot air or
fumes up to temperature of 1000 °C.

Field of application might be incineration plants, air
treatment, thermal combustion plants, power plants,
furnaces, etc.

The VF/MM are manufactured in carpentry and the selection
among various construction materials, type of
flanges (weld ends, wafer and double flanged) can satisfy
the demand for any kind of application.


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