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Burner control unit

series EFC

The EFC range of burner control units are designed to detect a flame is single or double stage industrial gas burners with intermittent service.

The status of the burner is clearly show via the varius LED lights on the front panel. The EFC can be supplied with an internal ignition transformers and can also control one or two solenoid valves. Flame detection can be done via a single rod, two rods or UV cell. Remote control of the burner control unit is also possible.

Te EFC range is supplied in a thermoplastic fireproof housing that allows for installation next to the burner. It is also avaliable in a rack mounted version for control panel applications.
Burner control unit EFC is manufacted in accordance with EC Directive 90/396/EEC and with norms ED298.

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Valve proving system


MTC10 is a device used to verify the tightness of the both
automatic valves before every start-up of the burner or
after every shut down.

Whenever a leakage is detected at one of the gas valves,
MTC10 prevents the burner from starting up.
MTC10 is made in compliance to norm EN746-2 that states
that installation of tightness control is mandatory in
plants with power over 1200 kW.

This device may be used on industrial and domestic gas
burners with or without venting pipe.
Certified according EN1643.
Conformity according to Directive 2009/142/CE (gas directive),
Directive 2004/108/CE (EMC) and Directive 94/9/
CE (Directive ATEX).

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