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Gas ball valve series SF

Gas ball valves of series SF can be supplied with thread or
flange connections are suitable to shut-off gas belonging
to the first, second and third family and also liquid gas.

The are CE certified according to norm EN331 for the thread
version and according to norm EN13774 for the flanged

They are available from Rp 1/4” to 2”, full bore or reduced
bore, with thread connection according to ISO 7/1 and flanged
from DN15 to DN250 according to norm EN1092-2, PN16.

They are equipped with yellow colour for manual operation
and on request they can be motorized with electric or
pneumatic actuator.


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Gas filter

series FE

Gas filters of series FE, with CE product identification number,
are approved according to EN126 and designed in accordance
with gas directive 2009/142/CE and 97/23/CE (PED),
are particularly suitable for gases belonging to the first, second
and third family, biogas up to 0,1% max. volume of
dry H2S, neutral gases and of air.
FE Filters, group 2, withhold the passage of dust or debris
particles brought by the gas to protect regulating and safety
They are suitable in several versions: threaded, ranging
from Rp 1/2 to Rp 2, and flanged with connections from
DN 32 to DN 200. Cleaning and replacement of the cartridge,
made of washable synthetical material, are easy and
quick, thanks to special O-Ring sealing, resistant to third
gas family.

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